Bespoke Web Design

This is our premium web design service - all our bespoke websites are fully responsive and designed from a blank canvas.

Price: £895 includes...
  • Up to 7 pages
  • 5 professional stock photos
  • Hosting & domain until Jan 1st
Recent work:
Popular Extras
  • Extra pages: £90/5
  • Personalised email: £30/5
  • Contact form: £50
  • Photo slideshow: £50
  • Logo design: £199
  • Onsite SEO: £199
  • Embed map/video: £25
  • Social Media Links: £40

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are designed to work perfectly and look great on a full range of devices: from smart-phones and tablets to laptops, desktops and wide-screens. People are now accessing the web using a variety of devices and it is increasingly important that your website looks its best and works well for all users.

The Process

Stage 1 - initial consultation. This works well if we meet in person, either at our home office or at your premises if you are Edinburgh-based. If you would prefer, it can also be done by telephone or email. We discuss what you want from the website and how you would like the website to look. During the meeting we will decide on the structure of the site (the number and names of the pages) and on which optional extras you would like to include. At the end of the meeting we will give you a quote for the total cost of the site. To get started with the design stage we require a payment of 35% of the total cost.

Stage 2 - design. We produce a sitemap: a list of all the pages and how they link together, and the initial design: an image or a group of images that show you how the final website will look. If you wish to make changes to the design they can be completed at this stage - consultations are usually made via email.

Stage 3 - construction. We produce a demo website based on the design but without content. Placeholder text is used in place of your text. A second payment of 35% of the total cost is made at this stage.

Stage 4 - content. Finally, content is added to the website - this consists of placing your text and images on each individual webpage. The final payment is made when the website is completed.