About Us

Big Toe Web Design is an independent web design company that specialises in developing high quality websites at affordable prices. It is a family business, owned by Ryan Glass who is also lead designer and developer. Jayne Glass is an associate of Big Toe - she has a strong academic background with expertise in communication and knowledge exchange.

Ryan Glass Web Designer Developer

"When it comes to web design my aim is to provide a balance between style and function: I aim to develop aesthetically beautiful websites that are fast, reliable and easy to use.

An important part of the job is listening to the client so that we can tailor the site to their exact needs. It's great when our web services help businesses and projects succeed... seeing the traffic increase and hearing results from clients... this is a really satisfying part of the job."

Jayne Glass

"We are dedicated to providing high quality websites at a fair price. Our transparent pricing system means that people know exactly how much their website will cost right from the beginning.

Delivering quality is an important part of our business as repeat clients and word of mouth recommendations are an important factor. We keep our prices low by working from our home office."

Web Design Office

Big Toe Web Design

Owned by: Ryan Glass